“Big-Rig” tractor truck racing can be found in Europe, Australia, India and South America, and it has become one of the largest segments of professional motorsports.


    It’s also a huge fan favorite, attracting 50,000-200,000 spectators at each event. Through broadcast media, truck racing reaches over 100 million race fans worldwide. The ChampTruck World Series, working with TRO, our European partner, brings big-rig truck racing to the U.S.A – the home of trucking and motorsports.


    Our focus is keep all trucks basic and simple, limiting costs, maximizing competition and ensuring that we deliver an exciting product by featuring world-class drivers on world-class tracks.


“Real Racing, Real Tracks, Real Big Trucks!”®

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ChampTruck has suspended operations while we restructure the series.  Check back often for updates.


Welcome to the ChampTruck World Series!  ChampTruck is North America's home for REAL, AFFORDABLE, COMPETITIVE big-rig truck road racing.  We're talking real racing, real tracks and real big trucks!  We're talking six-wheel drifts and lots of gear-jammin' action!  And we're proud to say that ChampTruck is open and available to anyone – racing pros and those without any prior racing experience!

So, why do we do this and who is this series for?

This series is for diesel gear-heads who know that real transmissions have more than five or six gears.  It's a series for people who love competition… on the largest possible scale.  It’s a series for those who’ve grown tired of other auto racing series that have lost all the excitement… they just seem to go in circles.

ChampTruck is America.  It’s a red-white-and-blue salute to a hard-working, competitive and fun-loving nation that depends on trucks every day of the year.   If you’ve got it, a truck brought it.  With the ChampTruck World Series, you’ll get to see your favorite brand of truck and your favorite driver ‘put the pedal to the metal.’

Join Us! How to Attend a ChampTruck World Series event!

Many of the tracks have an on-line ticket purchase process or you can call the track as ask them the best way to get tickets for ChampTruck. If you’d rather purchase tickets at the gate, just click on the event schedule download to see the dates and times when tickets are being sold at the event. Remember – Adult tickets are only $10 for all-day racing action… AND…(a max of 3) kids 15 years old and under are FREE when accompanied with a paid adult.